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What we offer

Data Science

We provide great Analytical Solutions for your Data Science problems.

Our expertise is in the fields of:

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | NLP

Web Application

We provide one of the best Web based services in the market.

The frameworks we work on are:

Microsoft Asp.net | Python | Ruby on Rails | Node js | React js | Php Laravel

Mobile Application

Our team of experts specializes in delivering high-quality work in hybrid technologies.

The frameworks we work on are:

React Native

Desktop Application

We offer desktop application development services that leverage both native and hybrid technologies.

The frameworks we work on are:

Microsoft Asp.Net | Electron js | Swing

I.O.T Experts

We specialize in providing turnkey solutions, from Sensors integration, Mobile App, Cloud setup to Web applications.

Object Detection

We provide services in Image processing techniques. We have expertise in Object Detection and Event Tracking.

The platforms we use for this purpose:

OpenCV | Matlab


What we have created

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Aquaculture Tech

Our A.I based innovative software solutions are being developed in the below parts of Aquaculture.

  • Detection: Identifying fish
  • Counting and measuring density
  • Biomass: Measurements
  • Biomarkers: Body parts
  • Health: Condition
  • Behavior: Movements
  • Feeding Optimization

Urban Blue

An AI-powered solution that empowers farm teams to maintain ecosystem stability, proactively detect irregularities, and swiftly correct them. This invaluable system translates complex insights into easy-to-understand recommendations, providing practical advice to tackle challenges effectively.

  • Enhanced accuracy, precision, and repeatability
  • Autonomous and continuous monitoring
  • Reliable decision support
  • Minimized reliance on manual labor
  • Proactive alerts
  • Seamless information exchange


A platform designed to elevate your website to the top of Google search results, boost traffic, and drive more sales. With this tool, you'll receive improvement suggestions for your content effortlessly, and with just one simple click, you can approve and implement them, taking your website's performance to new heights.

  • Keep track of your real-time Google ranking.
  • Enhance your web pages for optimal SEO performance.
  • Utilize AI to create compelling blogs.
  • Automatically generate content infused with high-ranking keywords.

Kids Life Skills

An innovative and comprehensive platform designed to foster seamless collaboration and engagement within organizations, connecting all team members in a private workspace. This platform revolutionizes the teaching and learning experience, facilitating lesson planning, interactive online classrooms, and more.

  • Tailored roles and responsibilities
  • Secure access and content sharing
  • Effortless lesson planning and scheduling
  • Simulated real-life classroom experience
  • Collaboration across workspaces

Chamber of Commerce

An online directory tailored specifically for small to medium-sized enterprises, this leading platform offers many benefits to help businesses attract new customers and optimize their savings on daily products and services.

  • Enhanced local visibility for potential customers
  • Amplified traffic to your website
  • Photo gallery to showcase your business


A website that offers valuable and up-to-date information about petrol and diesel prices in different locations, enabling users to compare prices across various fuel stations. Additionally, the website offers insights into fuel price trends, helping users make informed decisions about when and where to purchase fuel.

  • Fuel price tracking
  • Location-based search
  • Historical price data
  • Price alerts


A platform that empowers plant growers to achieve full automation and optimize their growing operations through a centralized dashboard. By integrating machine learning capabilities, improved control and efficiency in managing critical aspects like temperature, humidity, irrigation, and ventilation are achieved.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Crop-Specific Recommendations
  • Smart Greenhouse Integration
  • Remote Device Control
  • Increased Control and Efficiency


A platform that provides a range of offerings to cater to various transportation requirements and give its users a seamless and efficient delivery experience

  • Flexible Couriers
  • Freight Forwarding Services
  • Freight Management Tools
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Business and Individual Solutions

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance our customers business growth with creative design and development and to deliver cutting-edge, high-quality solutions that create value and competitive advantage for our customers worldwide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously grow and grow to become a leading provider of high quality web and software development solutions in a competitive global marketplace. Our professional, flexible and integrated process is reflected in our work. We always make our customers successful. We have the ability to accelerate and quickly share the great work or products of your organization or company.


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